Sustainability Consulting

Refrigerant Sustainability Consulting

Are you “just” complying with Section 608 instead of using it as an opportunity to invest wisely in refrigerant technology? How much do you spend on refrigerants annually? And maintenance costs? Do you know?

Supermarkets spend millions of dollars every year to replace refrigerants that are emitted from their refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Do you know how much you spend? What about the associated energy costs of operating leaky systems? And service service technicians costs? Does the management of your company know how much product they have to sell every year to pay for these expenses?

Sustainability best practices can prevent costly refrigerant leaks

Taking steps to improve your refrigerant management practices, beyond what is required to comply with EPA regulations, represents an opportunity to save a significant amount of money. If your store is typical, you have to sell almost 300,000 gallons of milk just to pay the replacement cost of your leaked refrigerant. That’s per store, per year. Surely you have something better to do with that money. See EPA’s Financial Impact Calculator.

The range of refrigerant management best practices to combat the problem of refrigerant leaks is broad, from simple, low cost practices to high impact, large capital expenditures on technology. The best way for you to reduce costly and environmentally harmful refrigerant leaks will depend on the status of your stores today.

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KW Refrigerant Management Strategy’s sustainability consulting can help your supermarket implement refrigerant management practices that will save your money.