Performance Validation

Refrigeration System Performance Validation

Refrigerant Performance ValidationAdvanced refrigeration technology is great! But have you ever wondered if you got what you paid for? Do you have a measurement system in place to ensure that you do?

Many refrigeration equipment and software manufacturers make claims about how their products will improve system performance and save you money. Do they follow up after installation to validate that their product is delivering what they claimed?

The proof is in the numbers

Refrigeration System Performance Validation is about proof in numbers. The validation process starts with the right scope of work, a robust sequence of operation processes and rigorous functional performance tests. If the product isn’t delivering results that were promised, the manufacturer needs to work with you until you get what you paid for. Refrigeration manufacturers benefit from performance validation as much as you do – measuring actuals results helps them generate future sales.

Most of us are used to holding product manufacturers accountable in other areas. You’d take your new car back if it got 10 mpg instead of the 30 mpg that was advertised. Are you approaching your investments in refrigeration with the same attitude?

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