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Keilly Witman
Keilly Witman

Keilly launched the Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Partnership in 2007 and single-handedly ran the nationwide program until she left the EPA in 2013. The partnership helped supermarkets transition to environmentally friendlier refrigerants, eliminate leaks and adopt green refrigeration technologies and best environmental practices.
During her tenure, the partnership grew to encompass over 8,500 supermarkets in the United States, over 20% of the supermarket industry. Every member voluntarily set annual corporate-wide refrigerant emissions reduction goals and reported their emissions numbers to the partnership.

Keilly led the team that created GreenChill’s Store Certification System, the first award program in the U.S. that focused on designing refrigeration systems to prevent refrigerant emissions in supermarkets. Most platinum-certified stores haven’t leaked a pound of refrigerant since they were installed, and some of them are more than 5 years old!

While at the EPA, Keilly also co-authored environmental best practice guidelines for leak-tight refrigeration system installations, refrigerant leak prevention and repair and R-22 retrofits. She also developed tools to help supermarkets calculate the financial impact and the environmental impact of their refrigerant emissions.

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