Sustainability Communication

Are you letting your customers know about your actions to help the environment?

If you aren’t communicating with your customers about the progress you are making on environmental issues, they will assume you’re not doing anything. The days of “do the right thing, but don’t talk about it” are gone. Your competitors are calling attention to their achievements, and consumers are using this information to select where they shop.

Simple, straightforward language

Don’t retreat from the overabundance of press about sustainability. A good communications plan focuses on actions, transparency and honesty – not on PR gimmicks. Communicating about refrigerants, climate change and the ozone layer is challenging, but it can be done. The key is simple, straightforward language about specific, measurable results that mean something to customers’ daily lives.

Let your customers know about your sustainability practices

Communicating about sustainability doesn’t have to be fancy. Are you synergizing your triple bottom line to generate superior environmental metrics with a closed loop information system, while capitalizing on the future anticipated cost of carbon? I hope not. I also wouldn’t recommend that you issue a press release about your CO2 transcritical booster system with its special high-pressure expansion valve, heat recovery system and state-of-the-art steel piping.

Learning how to clearly and simply communicate about environmental achievements doesn’t do any harm to your career either. Your bosses might finally understand how critical refrigeration is to the bottom line.

Let’s talk.

KW Refrigerant Management Strategy can help your organization develop a clear and effective sustainability communication plan.