Refrigerant Strategy

R-22 Phase Out Strategies

Do you have a strategy to manage your financial risk associated with the future of refrigerants? Do you have a defined R-22 phase out strategy?

You probably have stores that use R-22, R-404A and/or R-507A. All of these refrigerants are either scheduled for an EPA phase-out or planned for a phase-down. As such, these refrigerants represent a financial risk that must be managed as part of your company’s overall risk management strategy. There are multiple angles to this risk: the cost of these refrigerants as the supply is tightened, your ability to secure refrigerant when needed, and the increased legal liability as more refrigerants come under EPA’s regulatory purview.

The time to plan is now

There are multiple ways to plan for EPA’s R-22 phase out and HFC phasedown. The best strategy for you will depend on a multitude of factors that are specific to your stores and your company. The time to plan is now – not after refrigerant prices have risen to the point that they present a significant risk to your profits and the supply has dwindled to the point that your inventory is in jeopardy.

Having a strategy in place for the future of refrigerants is just part of good business management. Period. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The only thing that is absolutely certain is that failing to plan is not an option.

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