DC Engineering is very pleased to have acquired KW Refrigerant Management Strategy to create Refrigerant Management Solutions, Inc.

KW Refrigerant Management Strategy has led the industry in defining and implementing refrigerant management strategies for supermarkets and other retailers across the country. DC Engineering has appreciated working with Keilly over the years and is excited to expand our offerings in the refrigerants management arena.

Refrigerant Management Solutions is a natural blending of two companies that have focused on the complex regulatory, environmental, and operational aspects of the refrigeration industry for over a decade. The new company will help clients define an overarching compliance strategy as well as provide training for contractors, owners, and operators. This training provides an understanding of the compliance regulation at both the state and national level, as well as guidance on how to successfully navigate those regulations.

Refrigerant Management Solutions, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of DC Engineering. We will be updating this site in the future as our team carefully listens and provides dynamic solutions in the ever changing refrigerant space.

A Solid Strategy for Excellence in Refrigerant Management

Keilly WitmanKW Refrigerant Management Strategy is a consulting firm specializing in refrigerant management strategy for the supermarket industry. Keilly Witman launched and single-handedly ran the EPA’s GreenChill Partnership, fundamentally changing the way supermarkets manage refrigerants. Keilly worked with over 8,500 food retailers across the country to reduce the amount of harmful refrigerant they emitted, thereby decreasing those companies’ negative impact on the ozone layer and climate change – all while helping them to save money.

Keilly launched KW Refrigerant Management Strategy in 2014 to provide objective and independent advice to the food retail industry on refrigerant management best practices, refrigerant choice, and advanced refrigeration technology. KW Refrigerant Management Strategy also helps refrigerant end-users, service contractors, and equipment manufacturers better understand what they need to do to comply with existing refrigerant regulations and prepare for future refrigerant regulatory changes.

KW Refrigerant Management Strategy provides the following services to the supermarket industry:

  • Assistance with federal and state refrigerant regulatory compliance, especially Section 608 of The Clean Air Act. Services include store compliance audits, action plans to come into compliance, and compliance training.
  • Strategic planning for the EPA’s R-22 phase out, global HFC phasedown and the phasing up of low GWP refrigerants that are ozone layer and climate friendly.
  • Validating refrigeration system performance and the investment in advanced technology.
  • Helping food retailers go beyond compliance by reducing the amount of refrigerant used by stores, decreasing costly and environmentally harmful refrigerant leaks, and establishing environmental and financial best practices.
  • Guiding communication about corporate social responsibility, especially environmental achievements related to company greenhouse gas reductions through refrigerant management.

If you need expert assistance with your refrigerant management strategy, contact KW Refrigerant Management Strategy!